Elisabeth Kley: Minutes of Sand

March 5, 2021–August 15, 2021

(left) Elisabeth Kley, “Large Double Stack with Arrows,” 2020. Glazed earthenware, 44 × 13 × 13 inches. (right) Yardage in progress in FWM print studios.

Minutes of Sand—a milestone in Elisabeth Kley’s career—is the artist’s first solo museum show and presents a new body of work made in collaboration with FWM. Invited to print new yardage utilizing FWM’s world-renowned screenprinting facilities, Kley’s exhibition interweaves her ceramic and painting practices with three new yardage designs developed in the print studios.

FWM’s renowned Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program enables artists to take their work in fresh and often unexpected directions. This collaborative process inspires the creation of new work, contributing to a permanent collection of some 5,000 artworks and an archive that preserves and documents the course of artistic production, from inspiration to realization. Printmaking is integral to FWM’s history and remains a vital part of its mission. Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Sam Gilliam and Richard Tuttle benefited from three-week opportunities to create new yardage that would later inform their burgeoning contemporary art practices. Now, more than forty years later, the short-term screenprinting residency program is being reignited for a new cohort of artists.

Spanning era, media, and distance, the two exhibitions opening in spring 2021—Elisabeth Kley’s solo exhibition and the group show Hardcover—look closely at the notion of time and its relationship to an interdisciplinary practice. With special attention to screenprinting, painting, and ceramics, FWM honors these concepts with exhibitions that are both retrospective and forward-looking.


The Fabric Workshop and Museum
First Floor Gallery