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FWM Staff dropping off fabric masks in support of community response efforts. Photo credit: Jessi Melcer.

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This spring, our Board challenged our community to rally around FWM by pledging to match funds one-to-one, up to $35,500. We are thrilled to share that we surpassed our goal for the campaign! THANK YOU. Gifts made today and beyond will keep us moving forward and delivering thought-provoking programs during this challenging time.

In celebration, we share a reflection by past Artist-in-Residence Lenka Clayton, illustrating why we love what we do and how vital your support is both for FWM and the contemporary artists leading us in new and groundbreaking directions.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, and from 2014-2017 was an Artist-in-Residence at the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

The opportunity came right after I had just spent three years as the world’s first Artist in Residence in Motherhood. This is a residency that I invented, in response to an art world that I felt was pushing me as a mother out of my professional world. I decided that I would embrace the personal and social limitations I was experiencing—a lack of resources, freedom of movement, focus, time and energy —as materials to work with, rather than against. This self-imposed structure allowed me focus and freedom, that only increased the more limitations presented themselves.

Then, I was invited to work with The Fabric Workshop. I remember one of the earliest meetings in which I was trying to understand potential limitations, so I could use them to form the project. I asked, “What process can we use? What can’t we do? What materials are available? Where can the work be situated? Who can we work with? What are the limitations of space, time, budget, .. etc.?” I remember the bemused looks the staff gave me, and the answers to each of my questions: “We can do anything, start anywhere, work with anyone. Don’t think about the budget or timeframe, just think about what you’ve always wanted to do and we will find a way to do it.” This, for me was the greatest challenge, and in hindsight, the greatest gift that could have been given to me as an artist.

During the long process of developing a project, and reaching one dead end after the next (as we explored how to get Constantin Brancusi’s 1920 work, Sculpture for the Blind, into the hands of the blind), I had the unwavering support of the FWM staff, in particular the extraordinary Andrea Landau. Every time we met with a new problem, the staff immediately tried another route, and were tireless, endlessly supportive, and determined throughout the process. The respect for my work and thinking I experienced throughout the process from the entire staff was extraordinary, and enabled me to work at a scale and scope that I’d not previously imagined.

Once the ideas were developed the team response was staggering. They were able to function as a well oiled collective that seamlessly expanded and shape-shifted as necessary, absorbing new skills, techniques, processes and building new partnerships and protocols, to enable them to carry out all of the diverse aspects of the projects from research, to production, to installation, documentation and programming. Our eventual exhibition encompassed an extraordinary number of collaborators, from the curatorial staff at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, to students at Overbrook School for the Blind, to 1,000 museum directors and curators from around the world. We held touch tours for groups of local people with visual impairments, and workshops for groups of local artist-parents. And the accompanying educational component developed to engage visitors and local people throughout the run of the show was so thoughtfully conceived and generously applied.

Seeing a complex institution that has such an important established history take such an artist-centered approach and respond so nimbly to allow an idea to develop according to its strongest direction, was a life changing experience for me. I’m forever grateful to Andrea, Nami, Kate, Susan, Kippy, Alec, Carlos, Stephanie, Christina, Lonnie and the rest of the FWM team who I was lucky enough to work alongside. Thank you.

Lenka Clayton
May 2020

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