The Artists-in-Residence Program

The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) invites contemporary artists to create new work using experimental materials and techniques. This internationally acclaimed Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program hosts emerging and established regional, national, and international artists who have a demonstrated commitment to innovation and exploration. To that end, FWM supports artistic experimentation in a wide range of mediums by providing honorariums and materials to artists, employing its facilities and staff to address their creative needs.

The AIR Program serves as the creative nucleus of FWM and the genesis for the museum’s groundbreaking exhibition program. A key element for each resident is their work with the FWM Studio staff—comprised of a team of artists trained in various disciplines—including a Project Coordinator paired with each Artist-in-Residence. Under the guidance of FWM’s Director of Studio Operations, Project Technicians and Studio Assistants also play an important role in testing ideas and materials; the team’s on-site studio work is often supplemented by field research in Philadelphia and beyond.

Artists-in-Residence Directory

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How Artists-in-Residence Are Chosen

Artists are invited by the Curator in consultation with FWM’s Artist Advisory Committee. The Committee meets 1–2 times a year to discuss artists for upcoming residences.

Primarily serving as advisors, advocates, and ambassadors, Artist Advisory Committee members support FWM’s goal of collaborating with artists to develop an ambitious schedule of residencies, exhibitions, and programs.

John B. Ravenal, Chairman
Ian Berry
Daniel Byers
Valerie Cassel Oliver
Mel Chin
Ryan N. Dennis
Matthew Drutt
Jennifer Gross
Paul Ha
Ann Hamilton
Alex Klein
Sohrab Mohebbi
Jayson Musson
Margot Norton
Meg Onli
Mark Rosenthal
Paul Schimmel
Bennett Simpson
Patterson Sims

Past members include Francesco Bonami, James Carpenter, Paolo Columbo, Lauren Cornell, Amada Cruz, Michael Darling, Kathie DeShaw, Helen Drutt English, Russell Ferguson, Thelma Golden, David Allen Hanks, Jun Kaneko, Tina Kukelski, Rick Lowe, James Melchert, John Ollman, Lisa Phillips, Betye Saar, Rob Storr, Dianne Perry Vanderlip, Robert Venturi, Olga Viso, Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Kara Walker, and Betty Woodman.