Museum Archive

In addition to completed works of art featured in the Museum Collection, the Archive includes important documentation and process materials relating to the development of projects by Artists-in-Residence. These photographic, video, and process materials provide a valuable window into the conceptual and technical underpinnings of each project.

The Museum Archive falls into two categories:

  • Photography and Video Archives. Since its inception, FWM has documented the creative process of its artist residencies. Documentation includes artist interviews and curator lectures, exhibitions, special fabrication techniques, and educational activities. Images from the photo archive are available for publication upon request.
  • Artist Boxes. Unique to FWM, these archival boxes act as a time capsule for each artist residency. Assembled by the FWM Studio at the completion of a project, these 6.5 x 31 x 19 inch boxes include samples, prototypes, swatches, correspondence, and other related materials.

Archive materials may be available for loan and research; inquiries about materials, image permissions, and viewing Artist Boxes can be directed to