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In Solidarity: A Message from Executive Director Christina Vassallo

June 4, 2020

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We are bearing witness to the hurt, pain, grief, and fear that is being expressed in our city and beyond and we remain committed to challenging the oppressive forces that lead to these moments of unrest.

As an institution, we condemn racism and police brutality. We stand in solidarity with those protesting here in Philadelphia and across the country in response to the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Breonna Taylor, and the continuing realities of American injustice.

We are a collaborative organization by nature. In recent days, our staff and board have been engaged in a museum-wide conversation that collectively asks: Where are we now? Where are we falling short? Who do we strive to be? As we continue to absorb what is happening on the ground, as well as the feedback and ideas from our staff and board, we will also be turning to you in hopes of expanding the conversation. Taking a step back from our programs and scheduled content in the coming days, we aim to use this time to listen and share the work and words that need to be heard.

In the spirit of bearing witness, we are also encouraged by the results of important work being done here in Philadelphia; namely, the removal of the divisive Frank Rizzo monument in Center City on Wednesday, and a new collaboration between Mural Arts Philadelphia, the S. 9th Street Shopping District, and local property owners to replace a controversial mural in the heart of the Italian Market.

As efforts for positive change continue here in the city and across the country, please consider joining our staff in supporting the Art for Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, BLM Philly, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the George Floyd Memorial Fund, and Black Visions Collective.

Yours truly,

Christina Vassallo
Executive Director
The Fabric Workshop and Museum
[email protected]

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