Narrative Terrain: Landscape as Storytelling

May 3, 2022–October 23, 2022

WS- Shahzia Sikander, "The Illustrated Page Series #?" 2005-06
Shahzia Sikander, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum. “The Illustrated Page Series #3,” 2005–2006. Gouache hand painting, gold leaf and silk-screened pigment on Waterford Saunders hot press 410 gram paper. 65.75 x 81.3125 x 4.0625 inches (framed). Edition 3/3.

Landscape has been an ever-present source of artistic inspiration for centuries. Artists often depict their surroundings not just as they are but as representations of identity, power, or markers of time. As diverse as the land itself, our histories and cultures are deeply shaped by a sense of place. 

Over its 45 years, The Fabric Workshop and Museum has worked with several artists who have turned to landscape as the subject of their collaborative projects. Drawn from the museum’s collection, these works employ landscape—urban and bucolic, representational and abstract—to examine its complexities, challenge our assumptions, and perhaps expand our own understanding of how we relate to the world around us. 


The Fabric Workshop and Museum
First Floor

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