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Hold space for the kinds of radical conversations that were Heterodoxy’s raison d’être.

Jessica Campbell, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia. “Heterodoxy”, 2023. Photo credit: Carlos Avendaño.

Operating between 1912–1940 in Greenwich Village, Heterodoxy gave its members a safe forum to confront issues relevant to their time and advocate for change with other passionate, thoughtful women. The club brought together members from diverse professional fields, political alignments and personal backgrounds to debate issues that remain remarkably relevant today such as voting access, the right to an abortion and access to birth control, sex education, universal child care, public health, and prison reform. No records were kept to allow members complete freedom to speak their minds.

Jessica Campbell: Heterodoxy invites the public to engage with these issues by holding space for the kinds of radical conversations that were Heterodoxy’s raison d’être.


Booking Policy

Before completing the form to book your meeting, please read through our meeting space policies:

The exhibition is available for private meetings on a first come, first serve basis, Tuesday 10:00 am–6:00 pm and Wednesday–Friday, 10:00 am–12:00 pm, contingent upon space and staff availability.

For the security of the artworks, please note that there will be an attendant present that represents FWM during your meeting.

Audio Visual Needs
Heterodoxy was envisioned as a gathering space rather than a tech-based presentation space. As such, no projectors are available for meetings and no outlets to charge or power electronic devices are available in the exhibition space.

Food/Drink Policy
This meeting space doubles as an exhibition environment and the meeting tables contain artworks. For the protection of the artwork, no food or open-container beverages are permitted in the space. Closed container drinks, such as bottled water or thermoses, are permitted.

Note Taking
Though Heterodoxy permitted no notes of their own meetings, our requirement is simply that no pens or markers are used in the exhibition for the safety of the artworks. Please use pencils or portable electronic devices for note-taking.

Other Room Needs
Participants are responsible for their own set up, materials, and clean-up to ensure that the space is ready for the general public to enjoy.

A gender neutral/accessible restroom is available nearby, just outside the exhibition space. Additional restrooms are available on the second floor.

The Fabric Workshop and Museum’s building is wheelchair accessible and the meeting space is located on the museum’s first floor. The museum’s elevators and restrooms are all wheelchair accessible. Service animals are permitted in the building. Learn more about our accessible services.

Code of Conduct
Groups are encouraged to engage in constructive discussions, debates, and conversations that align with the spirit of the Heterodoxy club. Disagreements are welcome but they must be conducted respectfully and without promoting harm. Hate speech, discriminatory language, slurs, or derogatory comments aimed at any individual or group will not be tolerated. FWM will not be moderating the content of meetings in this space, however, it reserves the right to take appropriate action, including asking individuals who violate these terms to leave the premises or cancelling a meeting outright if it is deemed necessary.

Arrival + Departure
Private meetings are available during non-public hours. This means that the doors to enter the museum will be locked. Entry is gained by knocking on the door or contacting a member of our Education staff. Please ensure that the majority of your group has arrived before entering. Latecomers may be further delayed in accessing the building.

On days in which the museum is open for general admission (Wednesday–Friday), your group will get a gentle reminder that the museum will open at noon at 15 minutes and 5 minutes prior to the end of your session.

Booking + Cancellation
While we will do our best to accommodate your group, FWM reserves the right to deny, rearrange, or cancel your group’s meeting.

If your group needs to cancel, postpone, or rearrange its meeting, please submit the request in writing to Katie Parry, Museum Tour Manager, at

By booking the exhibition, Jessica Campbell: Heterodoxy as a private meeting space, groups and individuals agree to abide by these terms.


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