Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges, You
Jim Hodges, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, You, 1997. Silk flowers and thread. 216 x 192 inches. Photo credit: Carlos Avendaño.

Introduced to FWM in 1994 by his friend and colleague Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Hodges completed Every Touch in 1995. This piece marks the first in his now well-known series of large, sculptural floral veils. The creative process involved selecting silk flowers, which were then deconstructed, ironed flat, and pinned to paper backing before being stitched together at the edge, where one petal touched the next. After the backing was removed, a lace-like cascade of petals and leaves remained, fragile yet powerfully seductive in its simplicity and beauty.

The bright and multi-colored Every Touch is a meditation on the many lives that brought the sculpture into being. Its title suggests the artist’s acknowledgment of the numerous people who literally touched this piece during the course of its making—from the workers who fabricated the flowers, to the artist and his collaborative team of staff and students at The Fabric Workshop and Museum who made the richly-textured finished cloth through their careful handwork.

Hodges returned to FWM in 1997 to create a second piece, entitled You. It differs from Every Touch in its striking, monochromatic color scheme—it is nearly all white with just a few splashes of color—and its conceptual intention. While Every Touch references the makers, You is made for everyone who views this piece.