Barrow Parke

Barrow Parke, Woman IV (detail), 2020. Acrylic and embroidery on hand-loomed linen. 15 3/4 x 19 3/4 inches. Courtesy of the artists and JDJ Projects.

Since beginning to work together in 2008, Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke—known as Barrow Parke—have shared a practice fusing textile production, computer coding and modernist design. For their intricate textile-painting hybrids combining geometric abstractions in pastel hues on woven fabric, layered compositions are underpinned by scientific theories and conceptual ideas. Typically, Parke weaves and embroiders surfaces on which they both pain dots and patterns to create an image. Recent solo exhibitions include Future Homemakers of America at JDJ | The Ice House in Garrison, NY, and Analemma at Premio Matteo Olivero in Saluzzo, Italy.

Their installation for Hard/Cover considers the poetic features of the vessel, especially in relation to its metaphorical associationsThrough the layering of surfaces and subtle repetition of imagerya tension between objecthood and personhood emerges. The silhouettes of ancient fertility sculptures and ceramics provide a poignant backdrop for a series of paintings called Woman. The yardage design featured in their installation was created in collaboration with FWM during a fall 2020 screenprinting residency.  


April 9, 2021-September 26, 2021