Create an experience at FWM 

Summer art camp kids gather in front of Faith Ringgold’s “Tar Beach #2” quilt with Katie Parry, Museum Tour Manager. Photo credit: Carlos Avendaño.

Tour our exhibitions

FWM Museum Tour Manager will guide you through our current exhibitions, sharing stories about the collaboration process, materials and techniques, the artist’s practice, and the themes present in the artist’s work. Check out our current tour offerings below.


Visit our studios

Get a behind-the-scenes look at FWM. Hear from our Apprentices about the process of creating a 3-color repeat pattern, visit our print production and swatch archive, and learn how we expose screens and mix pigments! Get a sneak peek at the work in progress for upcoming exhibitions and chat with our studio staff about the process of collaborating with our Artists-in-Residence to create a new body of work.

View artist boxes in our archive

FWM has over 400 artist boxes in our archive, containing process materials, revealing the stories behind our collaborations with artists over the past 45 years! See the sketches, material tests, notes, and process photographs from your favorite artists’ projects. Request up to five artist boxes to view and receive an insider’s look at the process of storing and archiving artworks.

Participate in a hands-on screenprinting workshop

Learn elements of the screenprinting process, reflect on themes within our current exhibitions, and leave with your own unique artwork! Check out our current workshop offerings below.



Making a Reservation

For more information or to schedule a tour, please complete and submit our Tour and Workshop Inquiry Form. Advance registration required; booking at least two weeks in advance is appreciated. Tours and workshops can be scheduled for Tuesday through Friday between 10:00 am–6:00 pm for a minimum of 4 participants.

Before your visit, we encourage groups to learn about the history of The Fabric Workshop and Museum, our Artists-in-Residence Program, and current exhibitions on view. Engage your group in a conversation about contemporary art museums and museum etiquette. If your group is running late, please contact us as soon as possible. If your group is not present within the first 15 minutes of your scheduled time and we have not received notice, or if arrival is delayed by more than 30 minutes, tours will be cancelled without a refund. Please check our current COVID guidelines prior to your visit.

General Costs

Exhibition Tour: $10
Exhibition Tour + Behind the scenes studios visit: $15
Exhibition Tour + Hands-on Workshop: $20
Archive/Collections Tour: $15
Collector’s Tour: $20

Education Rate

Tour of exhibition: $5 Exhibition Tour + Behind the scenes studios visit: $10
Exhibition Tour + Hands-on Workshop $15
Archive/Collections Tour: $10

Title 1 Rate/ Social Service Organization

Up to 30 Exhibition Tour + Hands-on Workshop: $5 per student

If you would like to schedule a tour or workshop but feel a visit would be prohibitive for your group, please contact [email protected]

Current Tour Offerings

His History of Art

According to Jayson Musson, “jokes uncover, jokes expose, jokes bring into the light things which are oft buried by individuals and a society.” After a tour of Jayson Musson’s exhibition: His History of Art, visitors will learn about the ideas, and processes that brought this exhibition into being and reflect upon the central question: How can humor help us talk about the history of art?

In Focus: Isaac Julien

This exhibition examines the transformations of self and community through a selection of works by past Artists-in-Residence Nick Cave, Robert Pruitt, Betye Saar, and Alison Saar. Visitors will learn the compelling stories of these past projects and reflect on themes such as folklore, spirituality, feminism, colonial violence, and Afrofuturism.


Narrative Terrain: Landscape as Storytelling

Drawn from the museum’s collection, these works employ landscape—urban and bucolic, representational and abstract—to examine its complexities, challenge our assumptions, and perhaps expand our own understanding of how we relate to the world around us. Learn about the ways Artists-in-Residence have used the screenprinting process to capture the passing of time, the layers of memory within a landscape, and the ineffable beauty of nature.

Behind-the-Scenes Studio Tour

Want a chance to see artists at work in our studios? There is always a wide range of creative activity happening daily at FWM. Visitors will get a sneak peek at the work our Studio team is creating for upcoming exhibitions and the repeat patterns our Apprentices our printing on our 19-yard print tables! See how we mix pigments in our pigment room, expose screens in our exposure room, and peruse our fabric archive which contains swatches from the yardage printed at FWM since 1977!

Lenore Tawney, Artist BoxArchive Tour
These special tours allow visitors a rare glimpse into our collection of over 400 artist boxes. These boxes contain process materials from an artist’s residency at FWM. The boxes reveal how art was made at this moment in history and capture a specific moment of an artist’s career. Through material tests, sketches, notes, models, and samples, the artist boxes tell the story of the challenges and discoveries that arise from these compelling collaborations.

Visitors can request to view up to five artist boxes from our collection. Selections can be made by perusing our Artist-in-Residence page. If you don’t have particular artists in mind, you can request a selection of boxes that address a theme or process curated by FWM staff. Requests must be made two weeks in advance.

Collector’s Tour
Over the years, Artists-in-Residence have collaborated with FWM to create special editions in a range of media, creating a trove of objects and wearables for art lovers and collectors. Explore artist boxes that showcase the process of designing and producing artist editions, highlighting the work of artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Jiha Moon, Samara Golden, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Edgar Heap of Birds, and Kiki Smith. All participants receive a 10% discount in the Museum Shop!

Please Note

FWM offers amazing virtual tours and workshops as well! Please contact [email protected] to hear about our virtual offerings.

Hands-On Workshops

*Workshops are offered virtually for any size group or onsite for groups of 4 participants or more. In the interest of maintaining the safety of our visitors and staff, we are temporarily adjusting our maximum youth tour capacity to 12 youth with two adult chaperones.

These immersive workshops engage the minds and bodies of artists at all levels. Participants begin with an interactive tour of the exhibition, followed by a hands-on workshop in the studio designed to connect to the process, materials, or concepts expressed in the artist’s work. FWM is proud to print exclusively on biodegradable, recycled, or 100% organic cotton materials.

Inspired by Narrative Terrain: Landscape as Storytelling

Patterns in Places

What incredible animals, plants, objects, and people might we find hidden in the landscape of our imaginations? Drawing inspiration from Hidden yardage, 1978 by Will Stokes, Jr., use the processes of screenprinting and block-printing to create layered landscapes inhabited by elements of your memory and imagination.


Printing Time

Many of the artists in our exhibition Narrative Terrain use the printmaking process to capture the passing of time. How have you measured the passing of time in your own life? Learn how to use color and monoprinting techniques to convey your own seasonal memories.


Eyes upon the trees

After the artist Laura Owens completed seven identical large-scale prints on silk with embroidery, she made additions to each piece, creating seven unique variants that make up the series, “Untitled,” 2003. In doing so, Owens reflects on the individual life of each tree as time passes. Are there particular trees that have helped mark the passing of time for you? Learn to use monoprinting techniques to celebrate the life of a tree!

Inspired by His History of Art

Puppet Prints

Throughout history, puppets have played the role of companion and communicator, helping their humans express their innermost feelings and questions. Screenprint your own puppet companion inspired by Ollie, the Snowballs, Willa, or the Cool Popes!


Art Essentials

Jay and Ollie travel back in time to visit ancient cave paintings. They learn that the art of this time depicted essential sources of life. What are the elements that are essential to you in your own life? Learn how to memorialize these essential elements using the process of screenprinting!


Why This, Not That?

Jay and his puppet companion Ollie are often engaged in the age-old debate over what should be considered art and who or what determines its value. Enter the conversation by reflecting on your own experience of art and your own perceptions of value. Participants will use collaged images from the past and present to center the art that matters to them.


Art Genius

Picasso tells Ollie the rabbit that the first step to being an artistic genius is to see things in a new way. Throughout its history, FWM has invited artists to see materials and processes in new ways. Join us to create your own print design by reimagining the iconic flower. Participants will take inspiration from flower patterns in our FWM swatch archive and create their own custom screenprinting stencil to print on a tote bag!

Power Tees
Special Workshop Offering

Jay tells Ollie that power is conveyed through art by using composition, form, color, symbols, and repetition. How would you reimagine and redefine the power structures in our world using art? Create your own t-shirt design by using classic compositional forms, custom pixel art, and screenprinting techniques to create your own powerful, new look!

Please register for this workshop at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can make sure we have t-shirts in your preferred sizes. $25 a person

Inspired by In Focus: Isaac Julien

Love and Luck Prints

What role can love and chance play in the process of screenprinting? What places, people, and objects symbolize love or represent harbingers of good fortune in your own life? Draw inspirations from Betye Saar’s 1984hand screenprinted duvet cover, Takin’ a Chance on Luv, and use elements of chance, intuition, and love to create your own monoprinted design!

Overlay Prints

Isaac Julian’s triptych, Paradise (Omeros) No. 2, 2002, uses dappled light, a figure, and a subtle overlay of color and shape to explore the complex layers within identity. Learn how to use screenprinting and the overlay of shape and color to express elements of your own life and identity.