Study Tours and Hands-on Workshops 

Visiting students from the Chinatown Learning Center participating in a hands-on workshop in the FWM print studios, led by Katie Parry.
Visiting students from the Chinatown Learning Center participating in a hands-on workshop in the FWM print studios, led by Katie Parry. Photo credit: Carlos Avendaño.

The Fabric Workshop and Museum has reimagined our Study Tours and Hands-on Workshops in response to COVID-19 best practices. We will resume offering onsite tours of our galleries and studios (for groups of ten or fewer) later this year. In the meantime, we are working on a variety of virtual tour and workshop offerings so that the experience of visiting FWM can come to you! See details below for future offerings; virtual tours will be available starting in September 2020. To inquire, please contact [email protected]

To learn more about upcoming programs, please visit our Events page.

Virtual Tour Offerings

Samara Golden: Upstairs at Steve’s Virtual Exhibition Tour
Midway through the installation of Samara Golden: Upstairs at Steve’s, FWM had to shut its doors in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The studio staff had to lay down their tools, turn off the museum lights, and transfer their work to their home studios. The unprecedented events of the past six months have afforded us time to reflect on things left undone, all that hasn’t happened, and of course, all that we hope will come. This virtual tour reflects on the story of this project from conception to resolution. Through the presentation of process videos, images, artist interviews, and a virtual walkthrough of the exhibition, visitors will examine the ways loss and regret can slowly shift to purpose and possibility.

This tour option is geared toward teen and adult visitors.

Stories by the Yard is an interactive storytelling event and hands-on art workshop for young children, school groups, camps, and families. Every season, FWM invites artists from across the country and beyond to work in our studios as Apprentices. Spending three months learning the process of screen printing on fabric, Apprentices translate their own stories, feelings, and perspectives into pattern designs which are printed onto long lengths of cloth called yardage. Stories by the Yard unravels each Apprentice’s story one yard at a time with interactive play, process photos, artist interviews and a guided art activity!

This tour is geared towards young children and families.

Unpacking Process: An Inside Look at the Artist Box
Groups can request to virtually view any artist box in our extensive archive. Learn the stories of material experimentation and collaboration with artists such as Nick Cave, Louise Bourgeois, Faith Ringgold, Kara Walker, Ann Hamilton, and the Maisin Artists of Papua New Guinea, just to name a few. FWM staff will open an artist box to reveal process stories, notes, and materials from the deep recesses of our collection. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to revisit past projects and open artist boxes that are seldom viewed by the public!

This tour option can be adapted for all ages.

Onsite Study Tour Offerings

Samara Golden: Upstairs at Steve’s Exhibition Tour
How do artists find a language for the immaterial? This gallery and studio tour will focus on the ways Samara Golden uses material, process, and illusion to convey the uncanny presence of soul. Visitors will view process materials and models that reveal the timeline of experimentation and discovery that emerged through the collaboration process. The tour will conclude with an exploration of Samara Golden: Upstairs at Steve’s.

This tour option is geared toward teen and adult visitors.

Print and Process at The Fabric Workshop and Museum
How do different artists deepen our understanding of the world around us? How do they collaborate with FWM to design and create works using innovative technology and traditional techniques? Our museum educators will lead you on a tour of the galleries and the studios, providing a sneak peek at the in-process work for upcoming exhibitions and how an artist’s ideas develop and change through the process of collaboration and experimentation. Visitors will also tour FWM’s professional print studio, learning about the screenprinting process and the diverse expressions of this process through the work of our Apprentices.

Beginning with a tour and print demo in our 6th floor print studio, visitors will learn the process and rich history of screen printing at FWM and how this history still shapes our present-day exhibitions. The tour will end with a guided exploration of Samara Golden’s exhibition Upstairs at Steve’s.

This tour option can be adapted for all ages.

To inquire about tours, please contact [email protected]

Hands-On Workshops at FWM

These immersive workshops engage the minds and bodies of artists at all levels. Participants begin with an interactive tour of the exhibition, followed by a hands-on workshop in the studio designed to connect to the process, materials, or concepts expressed in the artist’s work. FWM is proud to print exclusively on biodegradable, recycled, or 100% organic cotton materials.

Onsite Workshop Offerings

“Looking from a window above is like a story of love”: Screenprinting Illusions
Samara Golden utilizes window light, reflection, and surprising vantage points in her current exhibition Samara Golden: Upstairs at Steve’s. In this intensive workshop, participants will create their own screenprinted, faux stained glass window! Learn how to use the registration process to print a multi-layered print and experiment with printing with translucent inks using a marbling technique. All participants will leave with a beautiful, 14 x 16 inch, mylar print to transform a window in their own home.

This workshop is for groups of 8 or less and can be adapted for all ages.

Empty Screen, Open Heart
FWM would like to offer the opportunity to visitors to utilize screen printing techniques using an empty screen. This process is ideal for expressing personal messages and singular ideas. Groups of 8 or less can learn from FWM staff how to use transfer techniques, mono printing, and paper cut stencils to imagine their own design. Each participant will leave with one printed tote bag and multiple paper prints.

Virtual Workshop Offerings

Seeds from the Studio
FWM educators and artists would like to share our daily art making processes with visitors by opening up our studios. Starting in the fall, groups will be able to virtually tour our studio, explore our yardage archive, and watch an extensive demo led by an FWM staff member. Here are the offerings currently being developed:

Designing and creating a mylar
Exposing a screen
Mixing pigment for screenprinting
Monoprinting techniques
Printing with an open screen
Exploring split fountain techniques
What’s happening in the studio
Natural Dyes pastes

This tour option can be adapted for all ages.

Pricing dependent upon details of workshop; for more info about workshops, please contact [email protected]

Making a Reservation

Advance registration required for tours and workshops, booking at least two weeks in advance is appreciated. Visits can be scheduled for Tuesday through Friday between 12:00pm and 3:30 pm and Saturdays between 12:30 and 3:30 pm. To schedule, please contact [email protected]

Once the date and time of your group’s visit are confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent with an invoice, COVID-19 safety guidelines, check-in information, and tour details.

Before your visit, we encourage groups to learn about the history of The Fabric Workshop and Museum, our Artists-in-Residence Program, and current exhibitions on view. Engage your group in a conversation about contemporary art museums and museum etiquette. If your group is running late, please contact us as soon as possible. If your group is not present within and the first 15 minutes of your scheduled time and we have not received notice, or if arrival is delayed by more than 30 minutes, tours will be cancelled.