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Make your Mark! hands-on printing workshop. Photo credit: Carlos Avendaño. Tamagawa University students conduct a traditional Japanese textile techniques workshop (2011) in FWM print studio.  Master Printer Bob Smith demonstrates textile color mixing to a group of local college students.
Make your Mark! hands-on printing workshop. Photo credit: Carlos Avendaño.
Tamagawa University students conduct a traditional Japanese textile techniques workshop (2011) in FWM print studio. 
Master Printer Bob Smith demonstrates textile color mixing to a group of local college students.

Study Tours and Hands-On Workshops

The Fabric Workshop and Museum’s unique Study Tours and Hands-On Workshops lead participants through our current exhibitions and professional studios. These programs are offered to pre-school and school-age (elementary, middle, high and home school) participants, as well as college and adult groups. See below for descriptions, pricing, and details. Qualified schools are invited to inquire about Bus Grants and discounted admissions. A limited number of grants are available to assist schools on a first-come, first-served basis.
Making a Reservation
For more information or to schedule a Study Tour or Hands-on Workshop, please contact Katie Parry, Museum Tour Coordinator at kparry@fabricworkshopandmuseum.org.
We offer tours Monday–Friday 10:30–3:30 p.m. & Saturday 12:30–3:30 p.m. Please make your request at least two weeks in advance.
Once the date and time of your visit are confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email with an invoice, check-in information, and other details about your tour.
Tour Etiquette
Before your visit, learn about The Fabric Workshop and Museum’s history, Artists-in-Residence Program, and current exhibitions. Engage your group in a conversation about contemporary art museums and museum etiquette. If your group is running late, please contact us as soon as possible. Tours will be cancelled if your group is not present within and the first 15 minutes of your scheduled time and we have not received notice. All tours will be cancelled if arrival is delayed by more than 30 minutes.

Tour experiences to choose from:

Pre-school and School-Age Programs 
Exhibition Inspired Hands on Workshops 
This experience is geared towards younger children with activities that engage the minds and bodies of young artists. Participants begin with a tour of the exhibition with drawing, sculpture, and movement exercises in the galleries. Then we head to our studio for a hands-on workshop that connects to the process, materials, or concepts expressed in the artist's work. Engaging, hands on workshops are developed for each new exhibition. All materials are included. Inquire about the current offerings.
Cost: $10 per participant. 
Make Your Mark!
Learn the fundamentals of silkscreen printing on fabric in just a few easy steps. Use our "printing station" to print a T-shirt or to make a fun swatch using designs made by artists at FWM. Bring a pre-washed 100% cotton T-shirt, bag, or fabric swatch for this workshop. Tote bags, custom screens, and other add-ons can be provided at an additional cost. All ages enjoy this workshop!
Cost: $10 per participant.
Sketch and Reflect
How does art inspire us? Visit FWM’s exhibitions and translate close observations into drawings and poems. FWM provides all drawing materials.  This tour has a maximum of 15 students.
Cost: $5 per participant.
High School, College, and Adult Programs
What's Going on in the Studio?
Find out how artists collaborate with the FWM staff to create unique works for the museum's permanent collection and beyond. Our museum educators will lead you on a tour of the galleries and the studio. This tour focuses on how an artist’s ideas develop and change during the process of creation and experimentation with new materials.
Cost: $5 per participant.
Open Concept Project
This experience offers an inside look at the process for imagining, shaping and executing an exhibition start to finish. Participants view floorplans, scale models of the galleries created by our studio staff, and (when FWM is between shows) vacant exhibition spaces, allowing them to gain insight into the curatorial mind. They will also have the opportunity to explore an Artist Box, containing process materials (research, handwritten notes, samples, sketches and prototypes) left behind by FWM’s Artists-in-Residence, and actively engage in the process of designing an exhibition.
Cost: $10 per participant.
Conversations on Contemporary Art
How do different artists deepen our understanding of the world around us? How do they collaborate with FWM to design and create works using cutting edge technology and traditional techniques? See works-in-progress by resident artists in the studio, watch a film documenting FWM’s prior artist projects, and talk with FWM's staff and Project Coordinators, who collaborate with Artists-in-Residence. You can also learn how to conduct research on a particular artist and gain information about various careers in the arts.
Cost: $5 per participant.
Custom Tours
Would you like to organize a one or two-session workshop, collaboratively design and print repeat yardage, or schedule a special presentation of past artist-in-residence projects? Please contact Katie Parry, Museum Tour Coordinator at kparry@fabricworkshopandmuseum.org for more details and a price quote. These types of requests have limited availability and we recommend booking three months in advance.